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 Fall 2010 

Students and Visitors  

    I'm Dr. David Herrick of the Chemistry Department at the University of Oregon.   General Chemistry students use this site to connect with course information, lecture notes, and practice problems.  Click the notices on the main bulletin board for some of the details.   You may run into Erlen & Erlene, my flask assistants who introduce lecture topics and help bring chemical concepts into focus.

     If you're a visitor looking for a first-rate undergraduate experience, why not apply for admission to the University of Oregon?   Science majors usually start out with  General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry in the first two years.  Many decide on Chemistry as a major during Organic Chemistry, where they see the principles of General Chemistry in action and apply them in the laboratory.  Our Department has rewarding program options in Chemistry and Biochemistry that combine advanced lecture & laboratory courses AND front-line research in faculty labs.   Graduates apply their UO training every day in  health related professions, industrial and government laboratories, education and research.  Why not join us at Oregon?

We'll look for you at 11:00 in CH221.  


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