CH221 - 11:00                  QUIZ 2 (10 minutes)                           Practice

Atomic weights:   H (1.008),  C (12.01),  N (14.01),  O (16.00),  F (19.00),  S (32.07),  Cl (35.45)

Select the best single answer for each question:

1. The formula for potassium iodide is

A) KI2  
D) KIO3 
E) IK2 

2. The formula for sodium carbonate is   

A) NaC8  
B) NaCO3 
C) Na3CO3 
D) Na(CO3)2  
E) Na2CO3 

3.  The formula for calcium hydroxide is

A) Ca(OH)2   
B) CaOH2   
C) CaOH   
D) CaO
E) CaO2H2

4.  The formula for aluminum sulfide is 
A) AlS   
B) AlS2      
C) Al2S 
D) Al2S3    
E) Al3S2

5.   The systematic name for SnCl44H2O is

A) tin chloride hydrate 
B) tin chloride(IV) tetrahydrate  
C) tin(IV) chloride tetrahydrate
D) tin hydrochlorate 
E) tin tetrachloride tetrahydrate  

 6.   Name the compound N2O5 .

A) nitrogen oxide
B) dinitrogen heptaoxide
C) dinitrogen pentaoxide
D) nitrogen pentaoxide
E) dinitrogen oxide

7.  The formula for  lithium oxide is

A) LiO 
B) LiO2   
C) Li2O3 
D) Li2O  
E) Li4O  

8.  How many moles of ammonium chloride are in 125 grams of the compound?

A) 1.86
B) 2.34
C) 2.00
D) 2.45
E) 2.16

9. A sample of the covalent compound sulfur hexafluoride contains 3.6 1021 sulfur atoms.  How many fluorine atoms does the sample contain?

2.2 1022  

B) 3.6 1021 
C) 2.2 1020 
D) 7.2 1022  
E) 6.0 1020